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Manufacturer: Cessna

Model: 195B

Year : 1954

N-Number: N2171C

SN: 16156

AFTT: 7934

Location: Bay St. Louis, MS; KHSA

Price: SOLD



Model: R755B Radial

TBO: 1200

HP: 275

SMOH: 423 



Manufacturer: Hamilton Standard constant speed

Model: 2B20

SN: A10419



COM/NAV: Cessna radio converted to digital

Transponder: King KT-76 with Mode C


Rudder new
Vertical stabilizer new
Horizontal stabilizer new
Aft fuselage mostly repaired
Engine mount overhauled
New zero time center section crankcase
Cowlings repaired

Weight and Balance

MTOW: 3350 LBS

Seats: 4

Fuel capacity: 75 US Gallons


Damage History
The aircraft flipped on landing in 2009 at about 25 MPH due to excessive braking
Wings re-skinned after tree contact in 1993

This project aircraft is not airworthy, both the aircraft and the engine are disassembled. The propeller has been overhauled(see picture above).The last engine overhaul was in 1995, a new zero time center section crankcase(see picture above) is included as well as the crankcase that was damaged during the accident. The aircraft has Cleveland brakes and wheels.There is an individual at the airport that can box up the aircraft and its parts for overseas shipping. Buyer assumes all costs for the removal and/or shipping of the aircraft and its parts. The owner is not interested in trades.

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