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Manufacturer: Piper
Model: Navajo PA31-325 CR
Year: 1978
N-Number: N27450
SN: 31-7812027
AFTT: 3811
Paint: 2011(by Capitol Aviation, Oklahoma)
Interior: 2011(by Capitol Aviation, Oklahoma)
Location: New Orleans, LA; KNEW
Price: Make Offer

Left Engine
Manufacturer: Lycoming
Model: TIO-540-F2BD
SN: RL-6785-61A
TBO: 1800
HP: 325
Compressions: 70/71/72/70/62/70(8/13)
SFOH: 661(9/03)

Right Engine
Manufacturer: Lycoming
Model: LTIO-540-F2BD
SN: L-2647-68A
TBO: 1800
HP: 325
Compressions: 70/71/72/70/62/70(8/13)
SFOH: 290(5/07)

Left Propeller
Manufacturer: Hartzell
Model: HC-E3YR-2
SOH: 661(9/03)

Right Propeller
Manufacturer: Hartzell
Model: HC-E3YR-2ALTF
SOH: 290(6/07)

Audio panel: King KMA-24
COM I: King KX-155
COM II: King KX-155
NAV I: King KX-155 with GS
NAV II: King KX-155 with GS
DME: King KN-64
GPS: King KLN-90A
HSI: King
WX Radar: RDR 150
Transponder: King KT-76 with Mode C
AP/FD: FCS-810(inoperative)
ICS: David Clark

Annual due: 9/1/14
P/S due: 9/1/15
Oxygen bottle hydrostatic test due: 7/1/17
New pilot side heated glass windshield (7/06)
New EGT gauge and probes (7/12)
New left and right wing de-ice boots (7/06)
New left and right tail de-ice boots (1/04)
New left FFC main tank (10/06)
New right FFC aux tank (9/09)
New right aux tank transmitter (9/09)
New left main fuel tank sending units (10/06)
New left fuel pressure switch (6/09)
New right fuel pressure switch (9/09)
Overhauled right fuel pump (9/09)
New left vacuum pump (8/13)
New right vacuum pump (8/10)
Overhauled left alternator (8/13)
Overhauled left and right gear door actuators (2/11)
Overhauled oxygen regulator (7/13)
New upper and lower tail pipe left engine (8/13)
New battery (8/13)
New hose kit left engine (8/13)
New A/C fan motor (1/10)
New right side pitot tube (2/11)
Overhauled magnetos left engine (2/11)
Overhauled power pack (1/04)
All AD's complied with

Weight and Balance
MTOW: 6840
MZFW: 6200
Empty Weight: 4670
Useful Load : 2029
Seats: 8
Fuel capacity: 192 US Gallons(183.5 usable)

Damage History
No known damage

Features and Options
Folding tables left and right
Air-Conditioning (18000 BTU)
Prop sync
Vortex generators
Full de-ice package
Shadin fuel computer
Janitrol heater
Complete set of co-pilot instruments
Electric trim
Oxygen system
Cargo door
Wing lockers
Aux cowl latch kit
Avionics master switch

This beautiful, meticulously maintained and exceptionally clean aircraft has been with the current owner and mechanic since 1995. The maintenance records are incomplete. The new logbooks start in 2011 and have statements by Lycoming verifying the factory overhauls. Additionally, the airframe, engine and propeller times in the new logbooks are verifiable. Maintenance invoices dating back to 1995 are available. This is a low time airframe with low time engines, no known damage and a fresh annual. The aircraft has been maintained with no expense spared and is kept in a hangar.

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