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Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: 414A
Year: 1980
N-Number: N73TB
SN: 414A0474
AFTT: 5782
Paint: New 2014 by Aerosmith Aviation Longview, TX
Interior: New 2014 by Aerosmith Aviation Longview, TX
Performance: 200 KTAS @ 17000FT, 38 GPH
Location: Bay St. Louis, MS; KHSA
Price: SOLD

Left Engine
Manufacturer: Teledyne Continental
Model: IO-520NB
SN: 1001366
TBO: 1600
HP: 310
Compressions: 78/76/78/72/78/78(April 2014)
TSN: 947
SFOH: 947(2010)

Right Engine
Manufacturer: Teledyne Continental
Model: IO-520NB
SN: 1000033
TBO: 1600
HP: 310
Compressions: 75/76/76/78/78/78(April 2014)
TSN: 1225
SFOH: 1225(2009)

Left Propeller
Manufacturer: Hartzell
Model: PHC-C3YF-2UF
SOH: 1176(2009)

Right Propeller
Manufacturer: Hartzell
Model: PHC-C3YF-2UF
SOH: 113(2014)

Audio panel: Garmin 340
COM I: Garmin 530W
COM II: Garmin 430W
NAV I: Garmin 530W with GS
NAV II: Garmin 430W with GS
DME: Garmin 530W
GPS I: Garmin 530W,Nexrad, XM Weather, TAWS, TIS, XM Radio; new 2006
GPS II:Garmin 430W, Nexrad, XM Weather, TAWS, TIS, XM Radio; new 2008
HSI: King
Radar Altimeter: King
Stormscope: BFG
Wx Radar: RDR 2100 with vertical profile; new 2012
MFD: Avidyne EX600; new 2012
Transponder I: Garmin GTX 330 with Mode S; new 2009
Transponder II: Collins TDR 950 with Mode C
AP/FD: STEC-55X with ALT Pre-Select/GPSS/Approach modes
Intercom: Garmin 340
ELT: Artex 406 MHZ with Garmin 530W interface and cockpit switch; new 2009

Annual due: 5/1/15
P/S and X-pdr due: 2/1/16
ELT battery due: 9/1/17
Pilot side heated glass windshield; new 2000
Attitude Indicator pilot; overhauled 2011
Engine Gauges; overhauled 2010
De-ice boots on wings and tail; new 2011
Wingtips; new 2011
Governors/hydraulic pumps/inter coolers/alternators; overhauled 2009 and 2010
Flammable hoses; new 2009 and 2010
Exhaust; new 2009 and 2010
Extended exhaust pipes; new 2011
Extensive landing gear maintenance; 2010 and 2011
Brake discs and liners; new 2014
Brake lines left and right; new 2013
Magnetos right engine; new 2013
Cowl flap cables left and right; new 2010
Vacuum pump left engine; overhauled 2011
Attitude indicator co-pilot; overhauled 2014
Cylinder number one, right engine; new 2014
Battery; new 2011
Circuit breaker switch SB complied with 2013
Alternator right engine; overhauled 2012
Starter left engine; overhauled 2011
Voltage regulators; new 2013
Over voltage relays; new 2013
Starter switches; new 2011
Tach generator left engine; overhauled 2012
Nose radome; overhauled 2013
Left wingtip landing light; new 2008
Door actuator; new 2013
50 Hour oil and filter changes
All AD's complied with
Wingspar AD not due until 15000 TTAF

Weight and Balance
MTOW: 7100
Empty Weight: 5009.8
Useful Load : 2090.2
Seats: 8
Fuel capacity: 206 US Gallons

Damage History
Lightning strike on right wing 1988
Rudder trim tab ground damage; new 2010
Right elevator hangar rash 2013

Features and Options
Speed brakes; new 2008
Aft Body strakes; new 2008
Heavy case engines with 1600 hour TBO
Prop Sync
Vg kit
Full de-ice package
5000 hour LED landing, taxi and tail lights; new 2013
Shadin fuel computer interfaces with the Garmin GPS
Rosen sun visors; new 2010
Fiberglass dome hubcaps; new 2013
Cowling landing lights modification
Co-pilot instruments
Stand-by VFR GPS
Crew and passengers oxygen masks(8); new 2008
Tinted window pane inserts; new 2014
Seat belts re-webbed; 2014
Toilet seat
Leather interior
Custom windshield cover; new 2011
Cockpit heat shields and engine/aircraft plug set; new 2008
Medeco security locks; new 2009
Stainless steel screws and camlocs; new 2014

This is a hangared aircraft. It has complete maintenance records and Teledyne Continental factory overhauled zero-timed engines, everything forward of the firewall was either replaced or overhauled. It is equipped with a Garmin GTX 330 Mode S transponder and Garmin 530W GPS enabling ADS-B out compliance with minimal effort. The new paint and interior includes all the woodwork, baggage compartment, interior plastics, headliner, sidewalls, carpet and wing lockers. The paint and interior warranties are fully transferable to the new owner.

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