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Manufacturer: Piper
Model: Navajo PA31-325 CR
Year: 1979
N-Number: N777JY
SN: 31-7912004
AFTT: 5484
Paint: 2010
Interior: 2010
Location: Freeport, Bahamas
Price: SOLD

Left Engine
Manufacturer: Lycoming
Model: TIO-540-F2BD
SN: L-11034-61A
TBO: 1800
HP: 325
Compressions: 76/67/76/75/76/76(11/17)
SMOH: 1182(Lycoming factory overhaul in 2004)

Right Engine
Manufacturer: Lycoming
Model: LTIO-540-F2BD
SN: RL-1041-68A
TBO: 1800
HP: 325
Compressions: 76/76/77/76/74/72(11/17)
SMOH: 1182(Lycoming factory overhaul in 2004)

Left Propeller
Manufacturer: Hartzell
SN: DJ 10110A
SOH: 1286(2000)

Right Propeller
Manufacturer: Hartzell
SN: DJ 10111A
SOH: 1286(2000)

Audio panel: Garmin 340
COM I: Garmin 725W
COM II: Garmin 530W
NAV I: Garmin 750W
NAV II: Garmin 530W
DME: Garmin 725W/530W
GPS: Garmin 725W/530W
MFD: Avidyne EX600
EHSI: Sandel SN 3500
WX Radar: RDR 160
Stormscope: WX 500
Transponder: Garmin GTX 330 with Mode S
AP/FD: King KFC 200
ICS: Garmin 340
ELT: Kannad 406 MHZ with cockpit switch, battery due July 2022

Annual due: 11/18
P/S due: 5/1/20
Left and right wing de-ice boots new in 2009
Pilot altimeter O/H in 2013
Hydraulic power pack O/H in 2010
Left starter new in 2007
Brackett engine air filter mod in 2009
Left and right engine exhaust system new in 2013
Left and right governors O/H in 2006
Left main fuel cell new in 2010
Left aux fuel cell new in 2006
Right main fuel cell new in 2006
New spark plugs in 2015
New shimmy damper in 2017
New tires in 2017
New brake linings in 2017
Air conditioning O/H and conversion to R-134 in 2012
All AD's complied with

Weight and Balance
MTOW: 6840
MZFW: 6200
Empty Weight: 4678
Useful Load : 2162
Seats: 7
Fuel capacity: 192 US Gallons(183.5 usable)

Damage History
No known damage

Features and Options
Folding tables left and right
Refreshment center
Air-Conditioning (18000 BTU)
Prop sync(inop)
Vortex generators(2005)
Full de-ice package
Gemini Insight engine monitor(2004)
Janitrol heater
Tanis engine pre-heaters(2005)
Rosen sun visors
Pilot windshield wiper
Full co-pilot instruments set with King HSI
Leather wrapped yokes
Astrotech digital chronometer
Electric trim
40 degree flap mod
Cockpit fire extinguisher
Oxygen system
Cargo door
Wing lockers
Computer/I-phone/I-pad charging stations
Avionics master switch

This meticulously maintained and hangar kept aircraft had a major avionics upgrade, equipping it with a touchscreen Garmin 725 WAAS, Garmin 530 WAAS and Avidyne EX 600 MFD. The GDL 69A XM receiver was also installed enabling satellite radio,Nexrad radar and weather reports. The airframe maintenance logs start in 1988. This is a low time airframe with mid time engines, no known damage and a state-of-the-art avionics package.

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