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While the selling of an aircraft is an elaborate and time consuming process, Aircraft Acquisitions International makes it easy. We create a detailed spec sheet with pictures on our website, draft a sales contract, determine an asking price, arrange for advertising, answer phone calls, reply to e-mails and show the aircraft. Most importantly: we sell your aircraft for you.




Whether you are an individual seeking to purchase an aircraft forecreational purposes or a company lookinto acquire corporate jet to expand your business, the selecting and purchasing process is a complicated one. We provide you with independent and unbiased advice based on many years of industry experience. Aircraft Acquisitions International analyzes your transportation needs and matches them with the most effective solution depending on operational requirements and budgetarconstraints. Our research may show that aircraft ownership is not the best solution for your needs. We would then explore: fractional ownership, a jet card , charter or a combination of these as a viable option.

Aircraft Acquisitions International determines which make and model aircraft is best suited for youthen through market research we identify an aircraft that meets the parameters. We negotiate a fair price and submit an offer on your behalfNext we arrange for an in depth pre-buinspection by a certified maintenance facility to ascertain the aircraft and its records are as represented by the sellerIn the final phase we procure the services of an escrow company to ensure proper and expeditious transfer of funds and title at closingIf needed we can assemble a flight department for you or select a qualified crew for the aircraft.

This process, once complete, ensures acquisition of the right aircraft, for the right price, flown by a welqualified crewproviding you with comfortable, economical and above all safe transportation.



Aircraft Acquisitions International takes care of all aspects of operations and management, including: maintenance, trip scheduling, insurance, flight crew services, training and fuelThis enables you to continue to focus on your company, unencumbered by the daily management oa flight department.


It is important to know the value of an aircraft in order to determine a realistic purchase or sales price. The Vref software we utilize gives us access to the most current retail and wholesale prices. However one has to consider Vref is but a guide as to what constitutes a realistic price when buying or selling an aircraft. We always give you our best advice based on Vref, the aircraft and current market conditions.


Aircraft Acquistions International can provide pilot services when you need an extra pilotOur pilots are FAA licensed and aero medically certified.

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